We are proud to offer you our tailor made Certificate in Management designed to respond to the needs of todays' Early Child Care Centers. This micro program is in step with contemporary topics as well as the ever classical subjects of management and management related problems.

The program is comprized of five(5) interrelated subjects and in order to enable the assimilation and practical applications of theory, the sessions are spread over a five (5) month period and are give in an intense mode.

The entire micro program is planned over a three(3) year period, thus covering fifteen(15) areas of management for Early Child Care Centers in all.

The following topics are available for 2006

Improving your Communication Skills

Interpersonal communication skills are the keys to efficent management and the basis for exercizing your leadership qualities.The crux of the matter is are your communication skills are what they should be or are you lagging behind in getting your ideas turned into actions. Both verbal and non verbal communications must be mastered to better achieve proficency.

Strategic Leadership

Wherever there is a difference of opinions, your leadership skills willbe called into practice. Your capacity to flex with the situation are lead rather than direct, coach rather than just control will enable your to become a visionary manager in today's changing workplace.

Managing Prioirites

Reconcile your professional life with your personal life, master the art of allocating TIME to prepare, to focus and most important of all give yourself that necessary free time for you, thus becoming a better manager.

Moblizing your workforce and teambuilding

Learn how to rid your organization of the sources of non motivation and non engagement. Develop a work ethic and build your team around your corporate mission and values.

Conflict Resolution

As a manager, you will be called upon more often than you thought possible to solve inter personal or inter group conflicts. Your ability to create "a win-win situation" will depend on your capacity to get to the root of the problem and enable the final outcome to emerge.

Each session in our Certificate of Management is based on an active participation rather than simply collecting information. Class readings, Case Studies Simulations and Role Playing are at the heart of our pedagogical approach. Each participant is also encouraged to keep a personal logbook so as to measure their progress and record impressions.

Our micoprogram has many objecives too long to list here, but the goals are as follows:

  • Understand and assume our managerial responsablites;
  • Master managerial skills so as to excell in various areas of performance;
  • Understand and deal with complex issues;
  • Demonstrate leadsership and enable others to grow with the organization.

In essence," Organizations are reflections of human values and endevours and as such,if better managed they will flourish."